Large group time is where the children (toddlers and older) come together to participate in a large group learning experience. Excellent large groups are based around team building, following directions, interactive learning experiences, engaged story time or additional music/movement activities.

Here is the process for large group:

  1. Transition children with a song or other transition technique to where the group time will be happening.

  2. State your expectations and tell children the activity

  3. Start activity, teachers should participate in activity

  4. Expand activity

  5. Calm children, explain what they learned and state expectations for transition

  6. Transition children to new activity

During large group time children may not be working individually as a group. Such as-children painting a picture while sitting next to other children. Art may not be used during large group time.

Large group activities should focus on everyone learning TOGETHER. You should avoid activities where children work side by side, but not together to learn.

During large group, art activities are not usually a group learning activity.

Instead focus on team work building, following direction games, and group discussion based activities.

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Large Group