Morning meeting is a time of day that is used in all classrooms. Even our youngest children should gather for this time of day to do simple activities or sing songs. Older children will focus on different topics each day

Morning meeting must be done each day. This is a time to come together as a community and prepare children for any changes that will be happening that day.

This is not a time of day that infants or infant/toddlers participate in!

Morning meeting steps:

  1. Transition children to carpet area or for younger infants sing a song to call their attention to you

  2. State expectations of morning meeting (not touching friends, sitting down)

  3. State the activity you will be doing (talking about day, rules, reading book, classroom questions, etc.)

  4. Do activity (message board, book, songs, etc.)

  5. Allow for expansion

  6. Review what you have talked about

  7. Transition to new activity

Morning meeting, for children above infants and young toddlers, always has a message board. This message board can be a piece of paper or a white board. You will draw simple pictures and write words on it that will say what you are doing during the day or any special events. It may also have a question of the day or the weather on it. You will use this to guide your morning meeting and can refer back to it at different times of day.

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Morning Meeting