Welcome to outdoor time, when we STILL teach and interact with the children. This is a time of day to move learning outside. Your focus should be on the children, you should be showing them and guiding them on how to play, and you should let them avoid the fresh air.

Going outside

  • Before letting the children play on the playground, you should stop the children at the gate and remind them of the playground rules. 

  • While on the playground each teacher should "zone" the playground-so you are in different areas. Focus on the areas where children may fall or be close to each other.

  • Count the children may times so you know if everyone is there. 

  • Focus on helping children, settling disagreements, and making sure children are safe.

  • Remember that while on the playground, you have a very important job or working to keep children safe, you should be close to them and not sitting down out of reach and talking to other staff members.

  • Give lots of warnings prior to leaving the playground so children will be prepared. This will help them come inside when it is time to leave the playground.

If children are bored on the playground, plan a game or start one.

If you think the weather is too bad to go outside, you must first clear staying inside with the office. 


Infant 1 may not be able to each day, but they should still try to go outside several times a week.

Children over 12 months must go out if it is weather appropriate!

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What if you can't go outside?

You should plan on using a large motor space inside-such as the classroom. During this time you will need to make room for large motor activities (moving table) and do a large motor activity with the children. 

For ideas, talk to Michael! 

Outdoor time