Small group time is a focused teaching time. You will plan a specific lesson with specific learning goals. This is a time for you to engage with your assigned care group and help them improve those skills. This time should allow you to take time with each individual child and help them with their specific goal.

Small Group

Make sure all materials are prepared and gathered prior to starting the lesson

  1. Transition children to activity using a transition strategy

  2. State expectations for children

  3. State the activity you are doing and any rules you have

  4. Give children materials and allow them to activity

  5. Help each child or check on each child during this time

  6. For children that finish quickly, make sure you have an expansion for the activity ready to go (example: if they are doing a science experiment, have them draw a picture and explain what happened)

  7. As children finished, review what they have learned/done

  8. Have a transition activity ready to go so the children may leave the group when they are finished and do next activity.


Please remember: Each day you should be doing a new subject area during small group time (example: science, social studies, fine arts, literacy, etc.). These activities are pre-planned on your lesson plans. You should also be producing something, (a piece of paper, a drawing, a classroom chart) almost every day during this time.

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Small Group