Music and movement is not only a time for children to use their large motor skills, but a teaching moment. These are planned activities, that teachers participate in. During this time we focus on different activities such as following directions, listening skills, large motor skills and more. 

  1. Transition into activity by calling children over to carpet area. Even with infants it is important to have some sort of transition, so children know what time it is.

  2. Explain the activity to the children and set expectations.

  3. Do the activity with the children. Teachers should be active participants during this time.

  4. Allow room for expansion or children’s choice during the activity.

  5. Review what you have done with the class.

  6. Transition to next activity.

Teachers should participate in music and movement to let children know how to behave and to help expand learning. 

Songs and fingerplays-infants

​1. This must be done daily
2. Pick a time to do this each day when most children are awake, should be done in the morning
3. Gather children around for songs and fingerplays
4. Use lesson plan songs and fingerplays, try to involve children and help them do motions.
5. Transition to the next activity

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Music and Movement