Lining up to go somewhere is often the most stressful part of a teacher's day. Correctly having children line up can help reduce stress and behavior problems. The most important part of lining up is a routine. By having a successful line up time you will be able to turn this into a meaningful time of day for all students.

Line up time​

  1. Calm class down by turning out the lights, singing a song, or doing another transition strategy

  2. State your expectations (lining up, getting coats, and lining up)

  3. Help children with lining up

  4. As children line up remind them of the expectations and keep them entertained by singing a song or using another approach

  5. Remind children of expectations when they leave the classroom

  6. Count children and make sure you have all of them

  7. Transition children to next activity

  8. Count children upon arrival​

Count children before lining up, when in line, while you are going to the location and once you get to the location

What to do if a child will not line up try the following strategies:

  1. If/Then statements-If you line up, then we can go outside

  2. Sing a song

  3. Offer jobs

  4. Use a transition tool such as headphones, sunglasses, gloves, etc.

  5. Tips to having children line up in an orderly fashion:

  6. Play games where children stand in a line-red rover, follow the leader

  7. Use direction songs to teach children to follow directions in line. Ask curriculum director if you need these

  8. Remember to keep standing in line to a minimum. If children will be standing in line for more than a minute or two, have them sit down instead of stand. Remind children to keep their hands to themselves.

  9. Stop the line if needed. You can even have children sit down. Restate expectations and try again.

  10. If your class is having trouble walking from one area to another, have them repeat the process, or just the children that are unable to stay with the group. (Example: walking from one door to another until they stay with teacher and do it correctly)

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Line Up Time