Body care time is when you are changing diapers or helping children use the bathroom. This is a great time to connect with children, have a one on one conversation and connect. 

Children with diapers

  • Give children a warning it is almost change time

  • Have all materials ready before changing

  • Tell/ask child if you can change them

  • For children who can stand, think about doing a standing diaper change

  • Wear gloves if you would like

  • Place barrier between child and changing surface (paper)

  • Change child using the ODJFS guide

  • Talk to child at all times while changing diaper (for younger students use lesson plan to guide your conversation)

  • Wash child’s hands

  • Clean and sanitize diaper changing area (including under pad)

  • Wash your hands

Children who use bathroom

  • Give child a warning it is almost their bathroom time

  • Assist child in going to the bathroom

  • If other children are waiting for bathroom, they must have an activity to do. (Teacher or student read books, toys, songs, etc.)

  • Children wash hands

  • Toilet area cleaned, trash picked up, bathroom clean (at all times)

  • Dirty clothing bagged and put out of reach of children

Teacher washes hands

Infants have a topic of conversation planned for body care time. This is required as you should be talking to the children during this time. This topic is on your lesson plan. 

The bathroom must be checked after each use (by each child). Wipe it down and clean it when each child is done. No trash may be left on the floor. 

Diaper pads must be cleaned after each child uses them. This includes under the pad.

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Body Care Time