Each morning we greet children as they come into the room. It is an important time of day as this is one of the few times we connect with parents. It is also important to start the day off correctly with the children, so they are ready for their school day. Greeting time is a transition tool used to get children involved in classroom activities. 

Greeting time involves the following steps:

  1. When each child and parent enter the room, it is important to greet them warmly. Say good morning, touch base about anything special the parents want to let you know and start to engage the child in activity to help them enter the room.

  2. If a child is upset, it is important to use some of the calming techniques (examples below). Your attention should be on this child until they calm down and join in activities. Many times, parents will stick around in the hall, or offices, until they hear a child not crying.

  3. Sign in child on tablet.

  4. Children should immediately wash their hands before participating in classroom activities.

  5. Each classroom has a sign in activity (except infants and infant toddler). After greeting the child have them do this sign in activity.

  6. Children should then be told what activity the class is participating in. This activity must be organized, and teachers must engage with the children during this time. You should engage with the child, so they start participating in the activity.

  7. Based on your classroom, children’s diapers often need changed during greeting time. Please make sure you follow your classroom procedures for this time of day.

If a child has issues being dropped off try one of the following techniques. You can also refer to your behavior management guide or talk to administration.

  1. Hug and hold child

  2. Distract with child’s comfort object or other classroom activities

  3. Say goodbye to parent and reassure parent that their child will quickly calm

  4. For children with ongoing issues, a family picture can often help start a conversation

  5. Offer the child an activity or calming item that they enjoy so they are distracted from parents leaving.

Remember, that no matter when a child comes in (not infants or infant/toddlers) they must do the sign in activity

This activity is used to transition them into the school day. Each classroom should have one in place to use each day. 

Please remember that if a child is crying or upset at greeting time, they should NEVER be left alone. You need to either try to engage them in activities, offer comfort, or be close enough to them to help if they want something. 

This shows parents you care!

Greeting children and parents

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