Handwashing is required by licensing (LAW). As a teacher it is your job to make sure you, and every child in your care, is washing hands at the correct times of day. 

Staff members should wash their hands at the following times of day:

  • Arriving for the day, leaving for the day, when you enter a new classroom

  • After each diaper or pull up change

  • After coming in contact with body fluids or contaminated objects (wiping noses counts!)

  • After using any cleaning or sanitizing products

  • Before eating, serving or preparing food or bottles or when feeding a child. 

  • Before and after completing a medical procedure or administering medication

  • When dirty. 

Children should wash hands at the following times of day:


  • After using toilet or getting a diaper change

  • After being outside

  • Before eating

  • After water or sensory activities

  • When dirty. 

Children and adults should wash their hands for at LEAST 20 seconds and use soap and water. Singing a song is a great idea during handwashing to make sure children are washing their hands long enough. Try one of these songs:

  • Singing happy birthday twice

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb

  • ABC's twice

  • Row, Row, Row your boat twice

Ask the office if you need more handwashing songs!


If a child cannot hold their head up on their own, you may wipe the child's hands with a wet cloth, then a soapy cloth, then the wet cloth again. EVERY OTHER BABY MUST WASH THEIR HANDS AT THE SINK. 

What sink to use

Please remember if you are washing hands in a sink you use to prep food, the sink must be cleaned and sanitized prior to using for food preperation

Really, just wash your hands all the time. 

Please watch this video to learn more about handwashing.


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