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Trainings are currently being updated. As they are updated they will be added to this page. 

To access trainings you will need to create an account on the site below. Once you create this account you will be able to access a number of trainings. 

If you choose to take a training on your own you will be paid for 30 minutes of "training" (i.e. regular) time. These trainings do not take a half an hour. If a training does take longer, please let us know and we will pay you for your full time. Any employee can take any of these trainings at anytime and be paid for them. 

At times we will assign a training to everyone in order to address policy changes or if we see a problem wide issue. If we assign a training to you for a second time, you will be paid for taking it a second time. If you choose to take a training more than one time, we will not pay you for your additional training time. 

WOW Handwashing Training:


WOW Snacks and Meal Time Training:


WOW Guide to Greeting Parents


WOW Morning Meeting Training:


WOW Early Preschool, Prek, and School aged daily activities:


WOW Toddler Daily Activities:


WOW Infant Daily Activities Training:


WOW Behavior Management Training:


Attendance and Supervision Training:

WOW Team Lead Training-

WOW Lead Teacher Training-

WOW Training Page

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